so-o-o i was sitting in a chinese place the other day (meaning the only one i go to), waiting for either chicken with garlic sauce or spicy hot and sour chicken, i cannot remember which, when a girl came in to place an order. it was odd. hence this.

so she says that she would like "chicken fried rice.." okay. their roast pork fried rice or house special fried rice are better, and i find their chicken fried rice considerably less good, but tastes differ. especially bad and good ones. (that's right.)

"..with no onions.." still okay. i do not go so far as to request individual elements of fried rice deleted but if i could have the onions peas and carrots left out, i would be happy. i mean, it is rice. you can leave out the meat too, that's fine. i like rice. quit trying to force me to eat less than appealing vegetables.

here it comes.

"..and no chicken."

yeah. and do not look at me like i am insensitive to her jewish, muslim, vegetari-/veg-an, jules winnfield-esque diet choices. they have on the menu � which i am looking at right now for accuracy, and a mere two lines of text above � vegetable fried rice. aaand it is less expensive.

(i suspect she works at denny's.)



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