my car has only two seats, you see. three, if you are not that big, have clean shoes, and don't mind curling up a bit a lot in the hatch. and the thing is, that seat next to mine is perpetually empty. [so is the hatch, if you were wondering. well, mostly empty. empty of people anyway.] the only people that ever sit there are friends to whom i am giving a lift, and that is just depressing.

every now and then i will remember a short blip of a dream wherein an ex- or some entirely made-up woman is sitting there. forget memories of actual time spent on roadtrips with an enjoyable companion.

blah! [perhaps blargh(?)] stupid memories. i should go shoot myself. and by go shoot myself, i clearly mean go eat three small packs of fruit snacks, which i have now done. so maybe, sleep(?).



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