driving earlier, either home or to get a haircut, i was listening to and enjoying music. and i was thinking about possibly sharing with a friend, but not sure if he'd like it. and thinking that part of the reason i like it is because i like the artist and part of the reason i even started liking her is because the name of one of her songs interested me so i watched the video and the video is ridiculous and great and so is the song. and then she recently released more music and the video/ad attached to one is very well done.

but. i'm not sure i would have been into/open to some of the songs on the e.p. without that prior exposure and openness to her stuff. which both makes sense and is disappointing.

that correlates with two separate conversations i had today, both of which included the idea of people inside of relationships, or just super close to the epicenter of something, have a hard time seeing it for what it is. or at least seeing it how most everyone else is able to see it.

i guess this is the reverse of the music idea. there being close made me open to it and being distant from other artists may keep me somewhat closed off to them. whereas people close to disaster were not open to seeing it for what it was and closed off to others' descriptions of it. whatever.



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