confession. i didn't take a shower last night. no problem, you might say, just take one in the morning. no. i'm a night-showerer. i'm not saying i never shower in the morning, but i'd really rather not. and i knew what i was doing.

in my defense, i've been sick, and i was tired, and if i got up to shower i knew i would be up for hours afterward because that's how that works. and also, it was a cold day yesterday, during which i sat in a symposium and then sat at work and then fell asleep at home (sick, remember?) and then woke up and then was tired again and made my decision.

and it's not like i just don't care. i actively pursue the goal of smelling good every day. i mean, most people don't want to smell bad but i'm going out of my way to smell good. (aside: i don't know why i'm saying this as if it is an exceptional thing among humans.) so whatever, i didn't shower. now you know.



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