i'm not even sure how to explain it. but for the past week or so i've felt different. in a good way. i almost want to say, not myself, but that's not quite it. but something.

feeling great, eating well, sleeping early, up early, motivated at work, killing it, good haircut, new suit, previously avoided spontaneous and beneficial conversations with great people, almost complete detachment from worry or concern, clear head, easily entertained, sharp, open.

i've had all of this at some point or another, but i don't know that i've had it all at once. the comparison that comes to mind is one time, more than a decade ago, when i think i got a runner's high from a really intense tennis match. when we were done i felt like i had more energy than i started with and i just felt fresh and sharp. this isn't that, but it's something. and i'm aware it's fleeting but i don't care. it's been a good week.



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