yes. that is the time i wrote this.

i am quite certain everyone has, in some way, experienced this at one time or another. perhaps you have read a story, real or fictional, perhaps you saw it in a movie. maybe you heard about this sort of thing happening to someone who is someone who a friend of your friend knows. maybe it has happened in your life.

it is that part where one day the person has that moment where they fully realize how everything has crashed down on them, how everything has gone wrong, and how nothing is as it was meant to be. and maybe that person turns it all around and fixes things, or changes them into something else entirely, or maybe they disappear into the abyss of life and reality. the result is not really important, but that moment. that time when it all stands out from the background noise, and really chews the life out of them.

that is what the last year of my life has been. and instead of being stuck in punxsutawney with andie macdowell and that guy from 'cabin boy', i have this sort of realization every day.

and it is not getting any better.



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