i was thinking if i were catholic, and had some sort of extraordinary ability, that, for lent, i would give up feeling hurt. but it turns out i am not catholic, and my abilities are all normal at best. and it will not be lent for a long time, so i would be stuck with it until then anyway.

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one way i feel lucky though, is that it is difficult for me to connect with people i do not know. and i do not want to connect all that much with most people i do know. what i mean is that i think i understand the importance of someone. not that no one else does, only i think it would be much more difficult to appreciate anyone if i was seeing everyone else too. so i guess seeing no one for a few months, and then a few years, will just have to be the wage i collect.

also, my key broke off in my door and i am about to go eat rice krispies.



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