i guess i never mentioned how much i am like a thirteen year old, or at least not in this respect. for, you see, i keep a file of quotes i deem worthy of committing to a text file. how unoriginal.

one that i haven't shared, among the many, is the idea i had when asked of ways of dying that i would find least and most amiable. i will grant you that my answers to those questions were also uninspiring. what i did make note of was my idea of the best way to commit suicide.

i'd recommend overdose on blood thinners, painkillers, and sleeping pills and then slit wrists as one will not be able to wake up or stop bleeding..

now this isn't a livejournal, and i'm not emo, and i'm not actually thirteen. so this is just me sharing an idea i had. i'd share others, but i've got sleep to not get, so i must be off.


"and i guess you haven't seen enough
to make you want to stay.." -t.s.


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