i thought we had discussed this situation before, but it turns out that we have not. [or diaryland search is not that great at searching.]

yeah, so i was sitting in my geology class, allowing my personal hate for a specific student bubble internally while i waited for the lab to start. as she is always talking, i hear,
"..i don't believe in halloween, i'm christian."

sure, she then said that she is planning on getting a costume and dressing up, so i'm not sure what part that she thinks she doesn't believe in. also, this isn't a society based on pagan or catholic holidays. maybe you don't believe in santa claus, or linus' great pumpkin, or gravity, but there is no 'not believing in halloween'. it's right there on the calendar. and even if she did mean that she doesn't celebrate it, it is a day about giving children candy and for giving weird couples excuses to expose their fetish gear and tendencies, bleh. [heebiejeebie]

it should be clear she's an idiot, but if not; she's an idiot. and if you are going to throw out a statement like that for no reason, you'd better explain it because i've never heard that one before. no really, i vehemently dislike her. and she's in two of my classes. somehow.

woe is me.


"you say you know what he did;
but you idiot kid,
you don't have a clue." -e.s.


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