not that i need more validation for this point, but shocker of all shocking, um, items, it looks like trading music is not the reason that music sales are down. could it be that maybe music sales have been down because everything that is actually being promoted is the steaming pile equivalent of a dog in your yard?

while i will not say that i have participated in such illicit activities, i will say that i do not remember the last cd i bought.. except that i do, and it was from an indie label, over the internet.

oh and to people who have abandoned physical audio discs for files, while i appreciate you helping to prove the big corp.s wrong [see: news story above], i still think you are fools.

and just in case you think i have abandoned political discussion, conservatives vote against social welfare programs that help people who actually need it based on the idea that the government should stay out of people's lives. yet, conservatives tell people who can and who cannot be married by the state based on religious ideas of 'sanctity of marriage', and also attempt every maneuver in the book to undermine the right of a guardian to exercise judgment. sounds orwellian to me.

also, cajuns use spices that make my lips numb. hoowee


"i'm wondering what it will take.." -a.d.


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