i do not know if i have mentioned this before, but i do not think that i have. i actually looked to see if i had or not, but most of my entries are still being recreated from the big crash [or was it crashes? anyone?].

so, all it really is, is that i cannot eat bananas except for a very brief window of time in their lifespan. of course 'cannot' is too strong, i could, but i would really, really, vehemently prefer not. and i cannot tell you when this window is based merely on looks or feel or lustre - if that is indeed a charachteristic of bananas - but i can almost kill a mouse in a field three hectares away by merely smelling the banana. i like it slightly underripe, firm, and as clean of bruising as possible.

what i find odd is the large variance in this process. i have had a bunch of bananas that went from 'not yet' to 'disgusting' in less than an afternoon.

also, i do not generally like cooked fruit, and if you put bananas in my cereal or ice cream, well please do not.

food food food, i had a falafel the other day at a documentary viewing and felt homesick. this would make sense except i have never eaten that or anything close to that at home, i - and my parents - are as white and as anglo as you are likely to find. odd. i thought.


"there will be an answer" -t.b.


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