long time. long time. so i was spending some vacation time elsewhere recently and on one trip to a borders [that's a giant bookstore, see also: barnes & noble or books-a-million, though it is more like the former than the latter], two things happened. that's right only two things.

la premi�re chose, someone left their giant dog outside the store on a leash, fine, outside better than in i guess. except the dog decided it should wait in front of the door. mind you the dog was neither vicious nor aggressive, and i went in directly past it no problem, but its sheer bulk was menacing.

i have some photos of the occasion. as you can see, if that door is 8ft, then the dog is nearly 3 lying down, which is quite accurate. if you think he looks like a pig then i say you have no eye for art and also shut up, he was big. finally, yes i said photos, my camera is old, what can i tell you?

la deuxi�me chose, after finding the unnamed* magazine this whole excursion had been for i went to the counter to give them my money. during the transaction, the man pushing buttons asked if i wanted to be on their mailing list, to which i declined. not only out of habit/desire to receive less junk mail, not more, but also because i was on vacation and where i live this company has no branches.

at the moment this was all occurring i did not take the time to articulate this point quite as well[?] as i just have however. what i said instead was, "i'm from a place with no borders.." and at just that moment john tesh and yanni floated down on a magical cloud and someone in the reference section hit a gong!!

or, i laughed at how stupid the remark sounded - true as it may have been - and left as soon as possible.

* = yes, yes, i know, that sounds like i was buying something embarrassing like pornographic magazines or cat fancy or something. to be honest it was neither, and it wasn't something close like softporn mags [e.g. m-a x-i m], or kitten fancy, i don't know.. it was completely normal and printed in the uk, so there. i have expensive european tastes and can waste no more time with you peons.


"after all that you've done, boy, i know you've got to pay" -b.&s.


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