yes, yes. eavesdropping is impolite. nono, that won't stop me. you see, when i go out very late to a 24hr eating establishment, which is rare anymore, there are always two reasons for me to be there. waffles. and conversations overheard.

what happened just now, midafternoon, was not eavesdropping. as we were sitting nearly twenty feet [6+meters] from the voice. short of exiting the establishment, we could not have avoided what follows.

the first thing she said in her booming-yet not booming voice, was that she slept all day and -disappointedly- missed the new episode of 'the real world'. this was our cue to insert our earplugs.

there were plenty of other bits that led myself, and perhaps both of us, to think she was anorexic. but that was good news comparatively.

[lots of filler i don't remember. which is a shame as there were some good bits.] oh, something about drinking a soda a day will not only dehydrate you but also give you kidney failure. now i rarely drink soda, but one a day? seriously.. [stare, blink.]

the final thing i fully caught was her being rather cool about being sexually harrassed [at the least]. and trust me, i think guys who sexually abuse women/girls in any way are as low as you can get, and i make no excuse for it. none. but this girl was either dumber than we assumed her to be, or she wasn't too worried about the "attention". it has to be said.

i'm pretty sure the situation was that she had a scoliosis test at school. i've had them in school. and they were never pop quiz style. we were told beforehand. and i think even told to wear appropriate clothing, etc.

now why a guy was giving her the test, as a female [coach/nurse] always did it for the girls in my school(s) is odd but, whatever. from the [loud voice] sounds of it she has been leary of him for some time. and yet, when she is scheduled to receive a scoliosis test from him, she wears a g-string. so part of him touched part of her [something, she said, that she knows the feeling of (thanks for that)]. she said this loud and semi-laughing, and was more upset that the meal she ordered had sauce all over it [chinese food with sauce on it, shocker!]. oh, sorry. not "sauce", but "shit". lest you think she not a lady.

maybe i'm wrong, and i know i shouldn't say it even if i'm not. and regardless of anything else he had no right. but if you wear the equivalent of a kite string for underwear when you know your going to be pantless and butt-up in front of someone whom you feel unsafe around, i'm flipping sorry, but you cannot expect nothing to happen. you can hope for it and wish for it and think that in a model society that such things will not occur, but you cannot seriously expect nothing to happen.

and the last bit which i did not catch all of, thankfully, but still more than i wanted to, was that "it was alright when it was in your mouth but when you went to spit".. i didn't hear anything before or after. so i am assuming she meant listerinetm or another similarly blindingly strong mouthwash. i'm sorry if you cannot assume the same. obviously, we missed our cue. [lalalala.ican'thearyou.ican'thearyou.]


"what i'm saying is.
when you're ready, you won't have to." -m.


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