i find reasons not to write. yet i enjoy having written something.

i saw some guy tonight with a shirt on proclaiming to the world how much weight he can lift. how self-interested do you have to be to wear such clothing? this is a culture where it is more important that you lift weights than if you know what the chemical symbol is for the iron you are pumping. smart people are mocked from primary school on. if you can throw a ball far, please have a few million dollars.

i feel comfortable saying this because i fall in the category of possessing neither muscles nor brains, and feel i can offer my unbiased opinion. this is pop culture. a guy's actions are attempts at two things, and no more:

one. to have his ego stroked.
two. to get a girl.

a girl's actions are attempts at two things:

one. to have her ego stroked.
two. to stroke the ego of some subpar guy, so that he can then abuse her in some way.

perhaps you think i am wrong. well, i'm not smart, so maybe i agree. but let me argue my case.

you are statistically likely to be pop culture, in which case you cannot say i am wrong because popculture cannot see popculture, otherwise the bubble might burst, it can only see non-popculture so it can avoid anything unlike itself.

or maybe you think i left something out. but really, girls and guys aren't pursuing beer and crap media, those are staples of life. i eat bread and rice, they drink beer and porn. it's that simple.

it is possible that i'm just bitter because shirts that say "as you can see i have no muscles and i have nothing intelligent to say about it" aren't flattering.

it is important to our federal government that people who mass send unsolicited email [spam] can be sued and imprisoned. however, it is the opinion of at least half of the goverment that fast food cannot be sued. obesity is the number one preventable killer of people in the states, but those who indoctrinate people in the playpen and sell low quality food, with poor health standards, destructive economic policies, and unhealthy portions of food that is unhealthy to begin with, they should be protected. jobs are more important than lives. don't forget this.


"i write these stupid words" -w.


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