i watch a fair bit of food network. and i was doing so last night, trying to fall asleep, and i was thinking about chain restaurants, as an advertisement for one came on.

and i thought it would be a really good idea if there was a chain restaurant that based its menu on local produce, and what's fresh that time of year. of course, that isn't a chain. the premise of a chain is that everything is exactly the same at every location, and everything is always available.

and of course, i'd prefer if there were just tons of unique and good places everywhere, and there were no need for chains. but idiot americans require low quality food that is not only bad for you, but also stamped out at a factory. and most of the unique places have to lower their standards to keep prices low enough so that the fast food junkies will give them a try. and the food can't be too ethnic, or no one will like it. [see: taco bell, olive garden..] the more bland the food, the better.

but i figured. if there has to be a chain, and i'm pretty sure there has to be, it'd be nice if it were actually good. crazy, i know.


"i wish i had
a horse's head
a tiger's heart
an apple bed" -s.


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