not that listing things that annoy me is a novel idea that just happened for the first time ever. but someone else's list made me think of mine. it is entirely recent, and not close to entirely whole.

1. crazy people. if someone can make a pill, with one of the side-effects being that one would wish to take one's medicine without fail, they would be a billionaire. also, just a word to crazy people, don't go mental on four nice but suddenly wary young men. you are outnumbered 4-to-nuts.

2. [wasp] media hosts always always clueing everyone else in on the fact that liberals own/control the media, and that this is the reason for ______. even the daftest liberals i know don't go out of their way to tell everyone that they, the liberals, are the reason that everything is skewed and wrong. conservatives would say such things. probably because they can. probably because they control the media.

3. emeril. i won't say if you like him, i hate you. i'm sure there are some people who are otherwise normal. if i had to hate one person though. it would be him.

4. not being able to read my own handwriting.

5. "shooting the breeze" or whatever it is called where you reside. i like discussions, i like conversations, i like silences, pauses, reminiscing, talking, and answering. i do not like being forced to give random nonsensical responses to jabbering fools. few things ruin a situation faster.

6. geoffrey nunberg said it better than i: sometimes they're called emoticons, a word that blends emotion and icon. (it deserves to die horribly in a head-on collision with infotainment.)

7. the fact that many films and people were overlooked so that the lord of the rings could be this year's titanic. i'm not defending titanic, nor trying to villanize lord of.., i only point out that they both cost exorbitant amounts of money, took in many times more than that, each won eleven oscars [in very many of the same categories] and both won with a lot of special effects and not much else.

i read articles recently saying that titanic was the worst best picture winner. and that many other better films that year were forgotten at the ceremony so that one could receive undo excess. sounds familiar. disagree if you wish. doesn't bother me.

8. stupid hats.

9. overestimating how much pepper i really need to put in things i am planning to eat.

however, two things i really like of late:

0. the eastern idea that both sides should [have the opportunity to] leave with honor. that it is better not to lose, but only just.

1. fog of war is a brilliant film. maybe you have to enjoy history and political context and documentaries to get anything out of it. or maybe you just have to want to know.

i don't know.


"listen to the girl

as she takes on half the world" -j.&m.c.


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