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more often writing means poorerly quality.

a few hours ago, my brother and i were headed to buy a snack or two but i planned to stop by the nearest bookstore to pick up a magazine whose current issue had evaded me at the public library. [wired if you must know.]

so, pulling in the following occurred. [open hastily illustrated diagram, and follow along.]

note: black outlined rectangular shapes are automobiles.

1. pull into the lot and turn towards number 2.

2. i see 'X' parking space open and decide to risk opposite slanted parking spaces to get it.

3. as i turn the corner, car noted by seafoam green starts to reverse out of space.

4. so i speed up [to all of 12mph, maybe,] to try and get out of the way.

5. seafoam begins re-parking back in the same space he* was in.

6. i have parked before seafoam is even back in his* space. at which point he* then reverses, and leaves.

i thought he* was just readjusting his* parking as he* was misaligned or something. apparently he* thought i'd gone mad and attemped, sadly and slowly, to repark his* car while i plowed through a storefront, as mad people do, and then be back on his* merry way. but like i said, he* wasn't even moved by the time i would have smashed into him*, i was traveling at all of 10mph, i was never close to his* car, and he* is obviously too skittish to be allowed to drive.

* were annoying, but i only think it was a guy, didn't get a good look, so the memory more is androgynous than anything else. could have been an unattractive woman i mistook for a guy, but why assume insult.


"ladies and gentlemen, mister bob harris.." -c.


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