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i've decided to make a concious effort to [really try to] write more often. half-assed effort, i apologize. that may mean a short update, or often boring story, but that's [my] life.

so i was out eating nice food the other day with some people when the topic of my musical preferences arose. i was asked what bands i like, and while i'm sure there are many bands i like, it is often hard for me to think of it that way.

-tangent. the reason i feel this way is because often a band i like or am getting into puts out an album i think is horrible, or, at best, just alright. i don't automatically think the band is crap, but that it was the cd or the song or the style i liked, not the band as a whole, beginning to end. there are many examples, none of which i'll get into, but anyway.-

so, semi-caught off-guard and semi-last paragraph, i told them it is more about the individual music/song/album than a band, which i admit isn't what they asked and a bit of a dodgy answer.

here, they could have pressed a bit, and one of the people started to, and i started to answer, but another person chimed in with [trying to get words exactly]
oh, he listens to whatever is on the radio.
in a tone that suggests i have no taste and simply do what i'm told, or, hear what i'm told. i find it slightly offensive that i was reduced to top40 rubbish without having said a word, but that isn't the point of all this.

so i inform them that [with exceptions for humor aside] i don't listen to the radio, because radio around here is disgusting. and that the only stations i have programmed are NPR/PRI* and other talk radio stations.
*national public radio/public radio international

so after explaining what those stations are, i am told the people on there are so monotone. but i guess that fits you. so i'm conformist if i listen to the radio, and when i listen to the news i'm boring. fine. these are words obviously given by someone with no attention span or no interest in events that mean anything, and surely of one who has never listened to either NPR or PRI.

they are not monotone, but they are not morning idiot radio either. it is the news. i'm sorry it's not fox news or 20/20 or mtvnews, it is actual news about stuff that matters and stuff that is interesting.

i am definately quiet a lot of the time, so if i don't bounce off of the walls, if i try to have an actual conversation instead of just saying stuff that flies into my head, or because i only read non-fiction, please feel free to label me boring. that is fine. and not "fine equals f-off", actually that is okay by me. but don't just make assumptions without asking and getting an answer, and then belittling me for every choice you have made in your head as to what you have presumed me to like. furthermore, when you push/hit a girl a bit rough, even when you are playing, say you're sorry. i am surely without tact, but these are simple rules.


".... . ... ..... ." -e.i.t.s.


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