6. this commercial [local] about citrus for sale. it used to say "thin-skinned and juicy." a selling point for citrus i imagine. but either people buying it thought that was a bad point, or those selling it felt that "thin" wasn't exactly what they were going for. so now it just says "skinned and juicy." which makes no sense to me. according to definitions, either the fruit has had the skin removed, which is not a selling point to me. or, it has been covered with something [ex: a canoe].

7. when people try to be slick, and that their real motives aren't obvious, and fail, but don't know it. i actually find it humorous. in a sad way.

8. insomnia. i mean, what's that about?

9. people feeling the need to cover any story having to do with skeleton jackson.

10. charities like ronald mcdonald house. don't get me wrong, they are doing something good, lots of things even. but people praise them as if they are not making their riches off of slowly debilitating, and aiding in the death of, millions of people world wide. how about you make your food healthy, and then ship all those extra calories to starving people..

11. ramen noodles. when you are hungry and have nothing else in the kitchen, they lure you in. you know they suck, but they are like a very small, very inexpensive, untasty black hole.

12. when you have to worry about what you are wearing when you go somewhere, because that place will funk up whatever you have on right down to your socks. bowling alley, 24hr breakfast establisments, certain seats favored by homeless at the public library, etc.

13. when i don't shut up.

[..also con't]

2. more h#umor, what else..


"i like my toast done one side" s.


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number 9.. .   .? andy andy andy, get your adverbs here

i take tea my dear..