i appreciate the, very limited, participation. i do.

on to trivial matters i guess.

the only downside to not eating fast food, as i can see it, is lack of convenience. at 11p, when i'm hungry for something i might usually get at a local restaurant, i'm out of luck, and left with very few options. and though my peanut sauce satay turned out rather well for after midnight, it was still after midnight, and i was wiped. much like i am now. it isn't fun to have to cook so late. i must say that organic chocolate milk does almost make up for it though.

there was a university football coach [amer. football] nearish to here that was fired today and there is a debate on whether or not it should have happened. what happened was that he went to a strip bar and spent $500 in one night. not enough, he took two of the girls [he's old, and therefor not a boy by any stretch] back to his hotel room where they not only spent the night, but proceded to call room service while he was away and order "one of everything on the menu." coming to over $1000.

why this is even a debate is beyond me, but i don't think like much of the world, so allow me to break it down as much as my 4.00a mind can.

-a married man spends half a grand in one night at a strip club. f'd up, but i guess not a sackable offense. divorceable in my opinion however, but different topic.

-takes two stripper girls back to his hotel room where they spend the night. done deal, he's gone in my book.

-leaves them in the room alone where they order $1000 worth of room service "to go".

-this is all within six months of getting the job, he's not coached a game.

-asks for another chance and when is fired makes it sound like the universtiy president is a stupid mean man that is making a mistake.

at a state run university where you are making millions of dollars a year is it too much to ask to not have sex workers in your hotel room? is it that big of a hassle to either be loyal to your wife or divorce her? after making an ass of yourself, to attempt to leave with dignity after spending $1500 [before tip] on strippers in ONE night?

i don't even care about the team, i just think this is another instance of lame people.

and somehow, go figure, the people coming to his defense are the hate-mongering, redneck, racist, sexist, xenophobic, people who applaud when doctors who perform abortions happen to get shot. i can't imagine why they would back him. i guess anyone who can juggle a job, a wife, two strippers, and no respect [self or otherwise] deserves millions of dollars.

or the baseball player, whom, the other day, [either in the parking lot or driveway] punched his wife in the face and then slammed her head into the car hood, was allowed to play the game even though the police had been called well before the game started.

there is a reason a lot of people loathe jocks. [and hillbilly's for that matter]


"arrest this man, he talks in maths.." -r.


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