there is nothing better than toasting some slices of soft french bread, and then making them even tastier with a bit o butter and blackberry spread. that, my friend, is scientific fact. [if only you'd paid attention in class..]

things do come close though. here are some:
in order of appearance

- rice krispies in a bowl of nearly frozen skim milk.

- a five minute nap that leaves you fully refreshed and felt like an hour.

- mid-autumn to late-winter.

- women should probably be in here somewhere, to be honest. [feel free to swap for the other sex at your leisure.]

- wearing yourself out playing frisbee in a park in the summer, and then jumping in cool water.

- utopia.

- a non-disgusting public restroom.

obviously i got carried away with the last one. it's crazy talk.

in my book, the lifetime channel� is known for two things, and two things only.

1. robert stack, aka - father time, the walking dead, methusela, et al.. and his scary ass unsolved mysteries' music.


2. movies about women getting beaten. [props for showing a bit of reality, unprops for crap production and showing literally nothing else outside of infomercials.]

the only reason i bring this up is because they had a movie about a teacher who is sexually harrassed and assaulted by one of her students, only to be accused of it herself. starring, as the teacher, elizabeth berkley. the movie/show not even showing up on imdb, so sad. which is more amusing, that she is supposed to be a teacher, or that she is shocked that she is suspected of seducing [given her former roles..]? ah, to be known for a role on "saved by the bell" and nothing else..

finally, i find it weird that in the history of people being asked the question,
"what makes you who you are?,"
that no one has ever answered,
"my blood."
six pints later and i'm afraid the interview is over..


postscript: - a good sneeze.


"fade you
you ne..ver knew
fade you
i think it's strange you ne.. .ver knew" -m.s.


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