[edit: having been corrected, and rightly so, i apologize for reversing the words from head to hand.. please continue.]

okay, so i know that not many people read this anymore, not that they ever did, and that those who do don't write much, and those who do don't use the messageboard at all [see: phrase at left "you don't need to tell me"].

and being in the shower, i decided i wanted some old school discussion on there like there used to be. however, i'm also a nerd and my idea of interesting will make you people point and laugh, i'm rather certain. but here goes anyway.

are there such things as objective truths, something being true whether one agrees or not? and, is the idea of objectivity impossible to disassociate with truth. or can something be true for one person but not true for someone else? i'm not looking for deep philosophical backing for each point, though if you are capable of such, feel free. i am neither deep nor philosophical, and so simple reasoning will suffice for my simple mind.

basically, i want to know your point of view, a bit of reasoning why that is your point of view, and an example with explanation if you can give one. if you can't, then perhaps your argument isn't the solidest. but who knows.

anyway, the ideas i have in the shower don't seem to go over too well, but if you could indulge me, i would appreciate it.


"what have i done..?" -p.


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