i'm not sure when exactly this trend towards loud stereo systems in autos started. [more specifically the ones with loads of bass.] i can only guess sometime in the late eighties in larger cities, as it filtered down to a bit smaller cities, like here, by the early nineties. it seemed that the trend started out in a logical direction, with stereos producing more power and the speakers being able to withstand the increase. amps became common in cars, subwoofers quickly followed. [and of course dvd players now, because that makes a lot of sense, as we wouldn't want to pay attention to anything that isn't on an lcd screen for more than five minutes..] but at least in the states, and more specifically i can speak for the southeast, stupidity has even warped the goal of such lofty pursuits as car audio systems. somewhere along the line it seems the combination of improper installation and the desire for phallus-elongation via the noisiest car got us to the point they've since been at. that being cars that rattle and honestly sound as though they are going to shake free a door. somewhere along the line the idea that the music and lyrics don't matter, so long as my car is losing paint from all the vibration, became an achievement. if mine did that, i'd ask for a refund. [actually, if it did, i'd be glad i at least had a stereo that wasn't ripped out of my car in the middle of the night, and i'd rewire it.]

speaking of amps, as i wasn't really, but i said it once, i've decided that age amplifies the character and demeanor of people. i came to this point because old people are invariably the nicest people or the crabbiest. often, were they not old they'd deserve a nice punch in the face.

speakers and old people. what am i thinking?

i don't deserve email access or programs, i don't use them very often.


"only in dreams.." -w.


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