reading the thoughts of someone deciding whether or not to end their relationship got me thinking about past instances of same, and even a recent reaction to a non-actualized hypothetical. it's interesting(?) our reaction to what is, at its core, someone changing their mind or not agreeing with you in the first place. of course there is more to it as the ego gets involved, jealousy or frustration, feeling unmoored, losing a companion, friend, comforter, roommate, partner, or co-parent.

i'm oversimplifying and taking for granted bad circumstances and repercussions, but being the bearer of bad news in those situations has often felt just like that. sometimes easier and others more difficult, but a decision. a change of mind. yet being the receiver of news rarely ever felt like it was just a difference of opinion. it is weird that the strength of our reaction can depend so much on coming to a particular conclusion first or second. i doubt this late night analysis will help next time this sort of thing comes up but who knows.



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