one of the things i like about spending time with someone new (not pertinent to my life currently) is the scents they use in daily life--like laundry detergent, for example. i grew up using unscented laundry detergent because of sensitive skin. and even as i've transitioned out of that as an adult, much like cologne or perfume, i can't really smell my own after a minute or two. which is a shame because i enjoy good scents.

that, admittedly, sounds stupid, who doesn't like good scents? but i just mean that some people either are oblivious to or don't like (due to allergies or mere curmudgeonity) perfume of any sort. i seek it out. but not creepily following people around or anything. rather, in addition to enjoying using it myself, i like when other people smell good. and i especially like when someone i'm close with smells good. and not just finding out those scents for the first time, as good as that is, but also getting used to them. coming to associate them positively. like curling up with someone and smelling their detergent in the shoulder of their shirt as you're spooning.

so i guess i wonder if people think the same thing about me. like being close or borrowing a jacket. and i'm curious what they think. weird, i guess.



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