i watch 'the office.' still.

i know that is not cool to say and probably hasn't been since season 2 or 3. and i have to admit that since at least season 5 it has become more and more hit and miss and while i don't watch it religiously i do question my continued allegiance at times.

but in the shower just now (all my best thinking) i thought, if you view the show as if it is from jim's and/or pam's perspective it all makes sense. all of the crazy stuff didn't happen quite as crazily, but since they see their coworkers as such, they skew events in their head a bit as everyone does. so when people all of a sudden seem out-of-characteristically smarter or kinder it is pam or jim seeing them more compassionately, and when they are portrayed as completely nuts it's at least somewhat down to them annoying the protagonists. the same fits for my job. everyone has their moments but mostly i find them insane and to be avoided most of the time.



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