there are times, as recently as yesterday, when things just appear, seemingly fully formed, in my mind. sometimes things to write here, something for work, occasionally just ideas and all too often in the shower. but there are these other times when something gets stuck in a loop in my head and i try pushing it down different paths to try and open the thought up to no avail. so..

i don't know tons of people. i'm sure i know plenty if i were to count them out but when you think of those people you know who seem to know thousands of people, that's not me. consequently, however many or few people i know only half of those, roughly, are women. and those women represent neither anything approaching a statistical sample nor some sort of homogeneous group. and yet i cannot count the number of first hand recountings i've heard about how these women were abused and exposed to horrible things.

somehow it came up, while talking with a friend, she told a story how an old man (trusted school employee) basically propositioned her and her friend while he was naked and they were 14. and all i could think, and say, was that i know that boys are abused and too many have to go through the same insanity, but most guys--myself included--have no idea what women and girls go through. it's depressing. and that is just thinking about it.

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