my 'standard' expression is still being interpreted as either pissed off, or angry. i don't get it. i'm content or happy most of the time; i just don't like walking around like a buffoon with a fake smile on my face. i find it difficult to believe that anything-but-a-smile is equivalent to anger.

moving on. i've decided to get a haircut for the first time in six months. [edit: 3.20a, maybe..] i've only just decided it and have to make the appointment later (after sleep) so it may or may not stick. if i don't get it properly done though, then i'll end up zipping it all off myself as it is getting out of hand, and then i'll feel like the past six months of growing it out have been a waste.

two whole rants (3/2 really) and i'm not angry, though my face says otherwise.



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