i originally thought this while trying to fall asleep, then fleshed it out a bit the next day in the shower, then forgot about it for a day or two. i'm pretty sure that is the trifecta for good ideas.

it seems like we really enjoy the surface of things. we will go out of our way to deceive ourselves, and enjoy the piss out of it. none of the foods on the shelves are real, and this is what people buy, what they want, what they have cravings for. chemical flavor, color, sugar, and fat substitutes that are worse than the substituted but easier to rationalize. the more modified the better, i guess.

the shiny paint of a new car, no matter if it will fall apart in a year. (an example i thought of because it is a surface on a surface, we aren't even dealing with the color itself, but clear coat on top..) and new car smell � it makes me physically ill � which is an assortment of voc(s) (volatile organic compound, look it up for a real treat of a definition) given off by plastics in your car.

people are constantly upping or downing or psychedelicking or warping themselves via all sorts of things to have fake feelings or amped feelings or no feelings.

people are using condoms or m*sturb*ting (avoiding google traffic, that's all) because they're only interested in the orgasm. there is no interest in the background, the back story, the individual beyond genitalia and any obvious sign of infection. i'm not saying that people should stop either practice (protecting or pleasuring themselves) just that the interest is misguided. the surface may be great but there is more to it.

i think, anyway.

what this led to was that people are very attracted to the surface of people, both clothing/appearance and personality, and people are fake (in both respects) all the time, yet are still attracted to others using the same pretense.

so either there is comfort in knowing that the other is just as fake. or one is so deluded that fake and real are interchangeable (like time and space, for you fellow nerds), in which case they are practically the same.

i'm not the only one who has seen this for the prisoner's dilemma that it is, i'm sure of that. i don't think that is the case, but i am wondering where all the real people (i.e. freaks) are. i see plenty of fake ones.



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