since no one called me up to hang out in dc last week, i'll assume that everyone had to wash their hair. i am not sure how washing one's hair was ever a viable excuse for not doing something. it must have been some process.

i should say that it was a little, um, of a letdown to come back every day to an empty hotel room.. and to have no one to call at night, or from the airport.. and to have to take a taxi home.

on the upside, i did enjoy a bit of life in the city. i still am not over public transportation. apparently some people hate having a convenient metro at their disposal. driving is a pastime for me, something i like to do, and even i was beginning to understand the idea of living in a city without a car. i still found myself missing my car, especially driving city streets at night, but i could see only using it on weekends. (which may mean nothing to you but is not nothing to me.)

it is also a little less than charming (which is an odd way of putting it) that people considerably younger than me are getting calls to see how they are and that they are safe. i'm nothing if not able to mope.



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but i will say that i have saved every letter you ever wrote to me