i've been watching a lot of movies lately. a lot. when i should have been working or sleeping or both. so i thought that a way to make me feel less than a complete loser would be to share some of the wisdom of these films that my simple mind was able to grasp.

as a side game, or a way to make this entry worth reading (worth skimming?), i'm not going to tell you what films they are, and if you would like to guess which ones, i'll be under obligation to award a prize-like object� to the best guesser(s). note: prize-like object� may have little or no cash value and may or may not be one of the neon pink post-it notes� currently sitting just left of my keyboard. but it will be something. i swear.

okay. here we go. i will tell you what i gleaned, you tell me what the film is..:

1. always exchange numbers or something. relying on fate or very poorly made and rushed plans is not a good idea.

2. alter your plans if necessary, but keep talking. even if it means doing touristy things or walking aimlessly. aimless can be good.

3. meeting someone can happen in the strangest places sometimes. different countries even.

4. it is not only about not focusing on the bad parts of someone else, but about actively seeking out the good parts. continually. either that or make a clean break. lacuna is not real (yet).

5. the idea of in sickness and in health is not for married persons only.

6. if you're going to fall in love with the daughter of your family's enemy, do not do the following: kill her cousin, not stay in close contact during your exile, not talk to the priest, drink poison right before she wakes up.

i should note that i tend towards more obscure movies. not to be cool, i just happen to like films that have a story, are interesting, and are at least semi-realistic. the majority of these happen to be small films, often foreign, often in another language. sue me. [the last one should be easy enough, but telling me which version (i.e. director or year) would be nice. hint, no guns in this one.]

as a side note, another thing i thought of, more as the result of all of these films, rather than any particular one, necessarily, is that i've decided to get married. i was pretty sure before, but now.. the thing is, friends are great but they cannot be trusted. what i mean is that eventually they have their own detritus to deal with. their own lives. it shouldn't be held against them, everyone has their own stuff. your partner is with you. if they don't have to listen, you're in the wrong boat. and marriage is less expensive than therapy. so.

as to where and when, and to whom.... i'm not sure. more correctly put, i do not know. but at least the plan is in order. as for now, i should plan some sleep and then doing actual work before i am drawn and quartered.




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