i think this will seem quite odd for me to be writing about, but i want to remember it because it was fun and i have a feeling that if i don't write it down, i won't.

yesterday i played in a dodgeball tournament. it seemed like it was put together last minute, but apparently its been an annual thing for at least three or four years. anyway, the teams were a hodge-podge of crazies. some dressed up in costumes, others had made t-shirts, some even wore wigs.

the team i was on, with five friends (we play basketball weekly), won our first match. the matches were best 2 of 3 games, and we lost the second match 2 to 1. the tournament was double-elimination, so if we lost another match we were out.

we played pretty flat in that second match and i was feeling pretty deflated, like maybe we had underestimated the competition. then we went on to win five or six matches in a row.

then we got to the last three matches. i didn't know they were the last three, but i knew they were near the end, at least. we ended up having to play three matches in a row, never leaving the court. eight or nine games in a row. it was exhausting. we won the first two but lost in the final match. i didn't know it was the final match, because at that point i was just on auto-pilot.

we came in second, but it was quite fun. we ended up winning $8 a piece, which is funny because it was a $6 entry fee. so we basically played for free, which was fine.

i think that's probably all.



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