it's hard for me to fully explain why very conservative americans bother me as much as they do.

so i was watching the history channel late at night, as nothing else was on and i often enjoy such programming, and there was a show on about the history of the bullet. china, europe, rifling, etc.

then they get to modern times. talking about advancements and how there are specific ammunition for specific tasks. there is a mention of fmj ammuntion [full metal jacket* *pdf] and the hague convention that first called for it.

this army sergeant then comes on saying that there are many newer, better, and more effective types of ammunition out there, but they aren't allowed to use them.

except, when he got to the last phrase, his face drooped and i swear that he looked genuinely sad. sad that they couldn't mutilate someone more effectively.

that's why.


"we've no time for later now" -f.f.


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