so i probably seem like i'm well above these frivalous online quizzes that are everywhere. even somehow offline. however, it's just not true.

sure i find it a bit more than tacky when every other entry is nothing more than the pasted html results of another obvious quiz. or, even worse, when it is just part of the permanent layout code, flashing and animating [sadly not blinking] and boring [use that both ways please] it's way through my brain.

luckily, i run into fewer and fewer of these sites, though their numbers rise exponentially each day that passes, as i venture out of my bookmarks less and less.

but of the tests i've found that struck me as funny, odd [in a good way], or otherwise something i didn't pass on, i have a text file with the results of forty-one different tests.

there. i've said it. i admit it. you won't get it out of me again. it is sad, yes, but true. [or "sand patrol" if you agree that there's "nothing wrong with a little %*@#&."]


"the hardest button to button.." -t.w.s.


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