if you are looking for less of a rant and more of an admission of being dumb, go back one entry now.

i am sick of western society. the fact that we choose a disposable lifestyle that causes every person, every place, and every bit of every thing to suffer sickens me. angers me.

why is it that in america [at least] weekends are looked forward to like a gold rush? because everyone must work every hour the rest of the week to make more money to buy more stuff to replace the stuff they just bought that is no longer good enough.

why do people turn to fast food and its addictive pleasure? [besides being uninformed as to it's repercussions and said addictive nature..] because it is fast and cheap. that way, there is more money to buy other stuff and more time to get back to the office to make more money.

why are so many people addicted to so many various substances to the point they would spend entire paychecks on a passing feeling? maybe because the vast majority of their time is spent acquiring said money just so they can not live on the street.

why is the entire western world overweight? because who cares to find out what is healthy when there are 99c [99p] value menus to be devoured. and who has time to exercise when you have so little free time?

when i told someone i don't like krystal's* the first words out of his mouth were, "so what fast food do you eat?" if that weren't enough, when i answered "none,"** he questioned me as if i had fabricated the biggest lie in modern history. this is not the type of society i wish to be part of.

* = if you aren't from the states and don't know what 'food' is served at a krystal's or white castle, consider yourself lucky, it is the vilest excuse for a hamburger i've ever had the displeasure of partaking.

** = to be fair, i eat at subway from time to time, and it is probably considered as fast food. however, considering it is not burgers, fried chicken, or fried anything, fake mexican/any other ethnic food, and the fact that it is at least made in front of my face with vegetables, i choose to not include it in that category.

why buy furniture when you can rent. why buy a car when you can lease. why lease a car when you can lease an suv with twice the cost, twice the pollution and half the gas mileage. why live where houses already are when you can destroy fragile habitat with a better view. why foster real relationships when porn is so easy to get. why live your own life when being just like everyone else feels normal.

why is being nice, or honest, or anything not resembling a burnt-out arse towards people rooted out and taken advantage of. why is it acceptable to "get ahead" by any means necessary. why is it okay to pay different salary based on the sex of a person. why are women degraded to the point of semen receptacles and nothing more, when they are, at the very worst level you could truthfully put them, the equal of men. why is the world so shallow that if you aren't a worldly-defined 'beautiful woman' you are nothing. why is the world so shallow that if you aren't worldly-defined 'beautiful man' you are nothing, unless you have a literal ton of money.

why is it okay to exploit the poor, give them the worst jobs, the least opportunity, take their money, give them the worst food possible, and then spit on them as if we didn't create them.

i had more thoughts but i didn't write them down as the anger that was either the cause or the result of them wanted me to last night.

i realize i write this in a privileged position. be it by social, sex, racial, economic, health or nutritional divisions. i don't mean i am the best in society, that being male makes me better, nor does being white. i'm not anywhere near rich, nor super healthy. i just mean as the world sees it, those things are in my favor. as far as i can tell, if i were either smart, or a hottie, i would be typing this on my gold computer. i understand what benefits i reap because of the system i am a part of. i also understand that every day, i help destroy masses of land and the animals that can't live there anymore. i pollute the air, produce my share of garbage, and make fun of enough people to ruin my karma for years to come. i'm not calling out people, i'm calling out the wrongs that fester in this society. i'm calling out this society. i don't feel bad about speaking about the horrendous actions of the government. and i don't feel bad about this.


"i wanna bust all your balloons,
i wanna burn all of your cities to the ground " -b.t.


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