i could have written about this before, who knows. but i couldn't pass it up again, in case i haven't.. um, previously.. overlooked before, this.. shut up.

so it is this commercial for odor eaters foot powder. and i don't know why they call it that, because it actually apparently goes in shoes, and not directly on feet. and if you have fumes coming from your feet, it is for you. so, the advert. this guy shows up at a party and hides his shoed [not de-shoed] feet under a rug, as he is embarrassed about foot odor. i think if you're busting through socks and shoes, you might not want to go to non-seafood based parties.

so, as if the powder was some sort of carbonated beverage, and the shoe was some supercool twenty-eight year old pretending to be seventeen with his mouth held open, this guy drops a cubic foot [no pun intended] of this powder in his shoe. cut to a scene of the very same party, somehow, and now this guy is kicking off a shoe over his head, like he owns the place. and holds the other shoe while he talks to two girls. i would never have imagined holding your shoe and propping your dirty, off-white, but supposed to be white socks on the table, would be such a turn on.

how foot odor is cured by shoe powder is still unclear. also unclear, is how he dropped a brick of smack into his shoe, and when he kicks one off and holds the other upside down, nary a wisp escapes. but it was made quite obvious that women love them some shoeless party going weirdos.


"this is crap" -me.


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