i think one reason that some people start getting physical neuroses, besides the fact that they never really get it that they can be themself, is because roles of kids and teenagers on television and in films have been filled by over-aged actors for so long. sorry for the long sentence, here are some commas for you ,,,,,,,,.

perhaps since we went to different high schools, my ideas won't apply to you. but where i went, every guy was not taller than every girl, muscularly ripped, and talking like barry white. nor did the girls have hips. some people still had some fat in their cheeks. everyone hadn't filled out and finished growing.

there is an enormous market to children here, but none of it is about children stuff. why are little girls wearing hip-hugging jeans and tight shirts? besides the fact they don't need to be selling themselves just yet, there is nothing there to sell. and i don't need to see the sticks coming out of a guy's sleeveless shirt, or better yet, no shirt at all.

it would be one thing if kids were marketed with things they needed, like say, i don't know, an education. so that they aren't the most ignorant people in the developed world. but no. it is addictive products [caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, fast food..], bling bling, and sex.

while i know that i'd rather have juice, water or milk, comfortable clothes that don't cost two months' paychecks and no babies, i'm not a dumb high school kid.

they aren't being marketed alternatives, when they are, it is just some crappy public service blip at two in the morning. and everyone goes about their merry way because it is assumed that everyone knows that there is an alternative. but maybe 5% of kids know that. maybe. they are never told.

so if you have a dumb kid, if you know a dumb kid, or if you are a dumb kid, and if you are a kid, chances are you're very dumb, have them read the following.

you don't have to be wasted or high or chain smoking for the rest of your life just to be happy. there are many other ways, and they often include canada. feel free to choose to do any of the above, but be aware of your options and the possibility that you may not want any of them if you start.

unless you are becoming a commodities trader, there is no reason to stock up on gold, bling, ice, or any future slang inducing jewelry making items. and suv's, with very few exceptions are the bane of society.

i'm not a nun or a monk, but for the love of pete [st. pete if you really want to keep the sentence flowing, though i see no reason to start now] keep your crotch away from other people until you are old enough to either breastfeed a baby yourself or pay for formula so that the girl you knocked up doesn't have to get a fourth job to pay for it herself. at the very least steal a few condoms. buying them is obviously a huge socio-economic hassle, so do the right thing. [spike lee said that, it can't be all bad.]

and quit trying to sell yourself. you really aren't all that. and you have nothing to do with a bag of chips. you are either going to wind up pregnant from a 16yr old or a 43yr old, neither of which is good news for a high schooler. or, you will be the 16yr old giving yourself the new title of "her baby's daddy". you'll have plenty of time to slut it up for the rest of your lives boys and girls.

that's all i got.


"..now i can't be sure

of anything." -s.r.


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