okay. so time is running out for iraq. running out for them to do what?

if they have nothing, that's too bad. we aren't going to give them enough time to be cleared, lots of people die, and in goes puppet government.

if they admit to stuff, lots of people die, and in goes puppet government.

given the current set of circumstances, why are they going to all of a sudden admit to something, even if they do have a lot of crap ready to kill people with. and if they don't, what else can they possibly say. maybe something has to be done, maybe, but this is exactly the wrong way. and everyone is hallucinating.

stupid rich people put him in, and stupid rich people aren't going to change their minds, so the rest of us need to do something. but we won't; most of us plead apathy. so i don't plan on living here when i grow up. i know that is a bad plan, to leave. but if enough people who 'get it' leave, then all the other countries can remove power from this place. and let it sink into the boiling polluted sea it has created.


"so you just sit on your hands
and quietly contemplate" -ani


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