if i come off as some sort of yokel-critic cum wannabe expert, spouting off on the topic of music, it is because i am a yokel and i buy soap in bulk. [ that was bad. i know. you see, since i buy it in bulk i have leftover boxes lying around. and what type of boxes..? exactly ]

so why is good music so hard to find? and yes, the question can be applied to any number of things, food, movies, shoes, hair placement, and so forth. but music, what had become so one sided and bland during the late eighties finally exploded with some new directions in ninety-two. not all of it was good, not by my estimation anyway, but it gave options. new options. and almost in the same amount of time it took for things to open up, pop swallowed them whole.

and every artist showing up on mtv or whatever equivalent radio station there is, is hardcore, or edgy, or a serious artist. but they aren't. and their music is the same thing everyone else is putting out. when anything good does come along, and gets popular, everyone says they sold out. pop music is music made for the purpose of being popular. for money. popular music is not necessarily pop, and all pop isn't necessarily popular. it is the intent.

so by it's very nature, good, non-pop music is harder to find. and while i haven't really searched all that hard, something has to give. i've not bought a cd in years. and i don't have a cd burner. i do have a friend who hooks me up from time to time, but i used to buy albums and live on them for weeks at a time. i have associations with those cd's..

and as it is that time of the year when america is so giving, i give you this. i, and the bbc online news service. how sickening is it that we back out of such an agreement we made, something everyone else still agrees to, and say outright, "lives are not as important as profit." and not that it really matters, but on december 22nd no less. happy christmas. war is over. how fitting that john died in america at the gun of a lunatic.


"so in the end,
i'll be, what i will be,
no loyal friend,
was ever there for me.
now we say, goodbye..
we say you didn't try.." -e.t.


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