been meaning to write. been apathetic though.

so instead read these:

americans are idiots. but you knew that.

the american government is crap. the UN has just barely said that its weapons inspectors will need at least a year to sort things, and instead, we'll bomb them now. i say genius. [of course, i am referring to doctor albert einstein. so such comments shouldn't be too surprising.]

this gem scroll all the way to the bottom. last two small paragraphs of a quote. donald rumsfeld made some remarks similar to these. while i understand that north korea has a lot of problems with food and money and international politics, i don't like the idea that just because they aren't producing vast amounts of waste is equal to them being worthless. they may not have every comfort that westerinzed countries do, but we are making the stars go away. and they will be gone worldwide in less than five decades.

but what does it matter. i guess when we don't care about screwing over the world, why would we want to see out of it. bee, ell, ee, aitch.


"if a ray of light wounds me,
i will expire on the moss." -f.o.p.


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