it's very odd to have a completely spur of the moment nine hours in the middle of one hell of a three week stretch of assignments that fairly well determine my marks for the semester. study yet? no. i should be sweating all of it, but haven't got the mind to yet. go figure.

so i had a wonderful walk around a campus i wish was mine because it's so full of oaks and old buildings. it was windy and a bit chilly but it didn't seem to matter. good conversation, comfortable yet anxious at the same time. unexpected, a bit weird, but in a very good way.

anyway i saw a very happy, very beautiful young bride on saturday morning. and why exactly it stuck in my head, i'm not sure but i knew immediately that it would. her smile, at her parents, at her groom made me smile. it was something, and i don't know what.

this is probably the protectionist side of me coming out, and perhaps too strongly, but this past week, and weekend as well, i was thinking about girls who drive stick [and in the case of those who might use different slang, i mean nothing more than driving an auto with a manual transmission, a stick shift; because i see how that could be misconstrued into something completely non-automotive.] anyway i love teaching girls how to drive stick. it's so fun. and this is all based on teaching one tall girl how to, so maybe i was just lucky, [well i half-taught a friend, but she really knew how already, just needed reassurance in traffic]. i mean i need to get around to teaching my younger brother at some point, but i just imagine it being slightly less nice, or what have you. anyway i'm not making much sense, but there is just something about seeing it all click, and seeing them get past the point where it's just another bother and worry, to the point where it makes perfect sense and where it becomes real fun. even hearing stories about it happening to other people gets me all sorts of energetic to take someone out and teach them. of course my clutch is worn extensively [funnily [to me] in part because of said tall driver, who now has her very own manual mazda, which i've yet to see her drive,] and also because i don't take anywhere near proper care when i drop it in traffic, as i like to drive fast, but don't like to risk tickets, so i just get up to speed and then, go roughly over the limit. anyway, i don't see how anyone could see differently, girls who drive stick, whew. i'm glad i'm sitting down.

[i say anyway too much.] somebody shut me up.


"one fine day,
you�re gonna want me,




you�re gonna want me,
and one fine day,
you�re gonna want me,
for your girl.." -n.m.


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