while i'm no wizard of the written word [i debated that little disclaimer; you see, it does fit, in my opinion, as it explains my reasoning for what will be explained in the following few sentences, however, assuming that one might assume such a thing, even in jest, may be bolder than never mentioning it. such are my toils, pity my sad existence, won't you?..], to be sure, i have been a speaking member of a vaguely english speaking society for more than the past two decades, so i like to think [i like to think a lot of things though..] that i can spot a viable sentence or phrase when i see one. i should also say grammar was never my favorite part of the school day [a price i still pay as trying to deduce french grammar from comparisons to english grammar help me less and less as progression continues..]. but this headline in the local paper [which is nothing short of horrible, the paper, but also the line] still has me shrugging my shoulders. for context the locals [i'm excluding myself because i didn't know it was a voting day] voted on taxes to help local primary and secondary schools. and here it is, the longest continuous undecipherable string of words since the code-breaking days of cold war germany; officials say half a loaf they got feeds schools for now; no punctuation, nothing. [and in somewhat good timing, yet i'm not going back to delete this now, i just figured out how this line is supposed to be read. damn the no punctuation and foolish metaphors and non-included articles and all their confusion.] sorry. [maybe you won't get it for a while either and grow to dislike my local paper as much as me.]

as happy as i am for local plant life [animals too i guess], the amount of rain we've had fall on us in the past few days has been nothing short of pissy. it's not april or may, it is january, with a capital "f". i should not walk outside to find it seventy degrees [21C] and someone cracking an old champagne bottle on the bow of a disembarking vessel, you know? had we gotten the snow equivalent, which i can only imagine would have been about seven and a half feet [i'd call it a yeti storm if it happened..] and i'd at least be pleased with it being the correct season, if not frozen in a cavern of dwindling food supplies and dismay. who knows if it's green house or something like el ni�o [which i assume loses something in the translation to english as 'the boy'; which sounds more like the scientist's man-servant than a weather phenomenon if you ask me] or maybe just a warm winter, but something is up. so normally it's like fifteen or twenty-five here [-7C] in january depending on wind chill and whatnot, and in the summer often gets around ninety or a hundred [35C]. on the fahrenheit scale, that's about a four point five to one ratio. given it was seventy [21C] the day before last, i'm expecting highs in july and august to be somewhere around three hundred fifteen [157C]. [and that's before humidity..] [good thing the guy in office doesn't think the environment is important, i like making pasta by putting my pots of water in the shade of stones..]

saw the royal tenenbaums on wednesday. that guy wes is some sort of genius. between that and rushmore, i see no reason not to think him a director/soundtrack producer with few capable of being his peers.

there was something else about people who get stuck in habits and not changing, opposed to those people who are always looking for newer and better; and the pitfalls that must befall both in relationships. then i was going to comment on where upon the line i figure i fall and related blahings.. consider yourself spared, i know i do [consider myself spared that is..]


"now if it's time to recompense for what's done
come, come sit down on the fence in the sun
and the clouds will roll by
and we'll never deny
it's really too hard for to fly." -n.d.


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