i used to have a problem with the movie 'Big' that i only just realized is actually realistic. it's still a problem, but it is a problem reflective of society, it seems.

and it has nothing to do with the bigger version of josh baskin and adult susan having a sexual relationship. she didn't know, and he was a 12yo kid with the super power of being an adult. just to be clear, this is not an attempt to say that actual, real-life sexual interactions of adults and kids are reasonable. in that movie universe, given the magic of making him an adult, or adult-looking... anyway.

my issue used to be that he went missing and it didn't seem like anyone really looked for him or cared. but, knowing what i know now, that seems reasonable.

basically big seems entirely realistic (again assuming that magical machine works). and i've been to a Zoltar machine and i don't remember what my wish was but i didn't get it.


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