read this a few minutes ago. didn't know about it before but unsurprised. yes, deplorable, but capitalism has no morals. however, it's just a derivation of the standard book from which it is whittled. when it was cobbled together and created, it wasn't done to seek the truth or inform people about all of the information that they may want to know. it was done, at least in part i imagine, to tell people what they needed to hear to keep them afraid enough to continue X. where X is whatever is needed: remain semi-docile, remain tithe-paying church goers, remain content with their poverty and lack of power, etc. and, no, i don't think is news, just was thinking.

i think that is what bugs me at times about people i know who are really into their religious beliefs. so often it seems like they don't question it. so it is not a surprise, i guess, that they don't question what they hear from any other source ("news," politics, "science").

if someone has looked at everything and chooses to be a follower of a particular sect or religion or political group because of reasons, so be it. but i don't understand the mindset that the person talking is doing it out of the listeners' best interest and should be blindly trusted and believed.


p.s. i will admit to feeling fairly stupid writing things here, as they seem so obvious and tired. and i should know better. but i am going to keep trying to write.


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