i really enjoy my hair of late. there is nothing unique or interesting about it to anyone else, but it has been about 7 or 8 years since it was a prop in my life. at that point it was long enough that i could tuck it behind my ears and though it was annoying at times, i missed it when it was gone. which maybe speaks to how one can become attached to useless or non-constructive things. but that's not my point.

now i regularly have to brush it to one side and i enjoy the action for the time it lasts. i don't really care about the wind making it go crazy because i'll just comb it in place with my fingers. and on top of that, i find it useful as a thought processing tool. like a physical tick to distract me or focus or just release energy to keep it from spilling over. i can't tell how weird this is, but it's okay.



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