when i got a chance to talk to the person mentioned a couple of days ago, i basically played the game where i ask about hot button issues to figure out what someone is about. i asked about everything except abortion, i think, and none of the answers were what i was expecting or wanted to hear from someone i've thought fairly highly of for a while. i don't think less of them now because we disagree but, differently at least.

i asked them what they thought about gay marriage and the answer was something along the lines of i think it's okay for other people to do what they want, but i'm not for it. fair enough. there are better answers, in my opinion, but that's not bad considering. but i pushed. i asked if there was a vote, and they said they'd vote against it.

so i asked if they thought sexuality was something you were born with or a choice. the answer of, and i'm paraphrasing, i think there's some amount of genetics but it's mostly a choice, was disappointing.

i didn't give this example, as i didn't think of it and anecdotes are just that, but i distinctly recall that at least as early as kindergarten, perhaps preschool—so somewhere in the 4-6 range, i knew that i liked girls. i liked girls my age, i liked how women looked, etc. so why wouldn't that be any different, give or take some years, for anyone else. so, sure, i could choose to have sex with men just like i could choose to use my left hand to write or throw, but that doesn't mean i'm left-handed.



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