herein lies a chain of events. this weekend i spent a couple of evenings with friends. i got home somewhat late, and to bed even later. by sunday evening i was tired to the point of taking far too serious of a nap for too long at a time too late in the day. that meant i could not sleep last night.

while trying to find something to watch that might put me to sleep i came across a movie on tv and ended up watching it until something ridiculous like 2a.

that started me thinking about this humorous image that was essentially a play on a line from said film. so i looked it up a bit last night to no avail. i looked it up more this morning and nothing. when i got home from work i looked on my computer and in searching for it (eventually finding it in a site's archives), i walked through some old files.

that made me think about someone i haven't seen in years. and from what little is available, they seem the same. which surely means they are and they aren't, like most people. i don't often wonder it but at times i do wonder if other people think about me. people long gone, people near by, friends, otherwise.



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