last year about this time i decided to write and take a photo every day. i've tried it before and i don't think i even made it through a january.

i've all but finished an entire year, more or less. even with the delays and sometimes minimalist entries, i'm almost certain that this will be the most complete collection of one year's thoughts that i'll ever record. i've had this thing for thirteen years, seven months, and two weeks. and a third of the entries to this point were written in 2013.

by the time i got a month or two in, that was the push; i didn't want it to be wasted by stopping. and then the last few months it's been a countdown (without counting down) to being done. and even as beneficial as i find it, real or placebo, i don't know that i can push myself to do it again. i might try or maybe go to once or twice a week. or i may get lazy and disappear for a bit, it wouldn't be the first time. need to come up with something though.



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