maybe i've mentioned it before, i don't know, but i used to go climbing a lot at this one really huge indoor climbing gym. and one time with a good friend and my then girlfriend there was this one route. it was made of all of these giant grips; 2ft long at least. there were only a few of them and they were oddly shaped and positioned. i climbed it because it was interesting and we climbed everything.

i wouldn't say it was innate, that route, but it was fun. so later, i came back to it because it was so fun, and i flew up it. and we were all getting pretty much done for the day and i climbed it again and i must have done it in less than a minute, or that is how it seemed.

what i can say is that it sticks out in my mind as one of probably very few times when i felt completely comfortable doing something. it made complete sense to my body. i didn't have to think, i just enjoyed it. when i think about it, which is rare.. almost never, i long for something that makes that sort of sense to me.



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