one thing that really bugs me is when someone basically quotes something i said back to me without acknowledging that fact. that is, they rattle it off as something they thought.

i'm not so self-involved that i think my thoughts are original or noteworthy, just that between people i actually know it would be nice if when recalling the meat of the conversation that is worth repeating that they also remembered the waiter. of course describing it like that just proves how crazy this is. who remembers the waiter.

and when i thought of this, i also thought of how ideas get transferred. they don't (and shouldn't) carry id's from the card catalog with them. something else to work on i guess.


i also don't think one can own ideas (sometimes referred to as intellectual property). the only way to keep an idea is to never share it. and if somehow someone else doesn't have the same idea (a near impossibility), there is no gain. only loss.


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